Monday, 20 June 2011

Hours in Langkawi.

Oh God! It is a tremendous joy
my heart cries with a whimper coy
water flows beneath reason
oh why I can feel the rythm

water near everybody can see
much much better, it sings a melody
I wonder had lubricant thrown its type
to make us dwell & avoiding mishaps

I love to feel and explore more
alas, time wud not allow for
simply agree without flee
coz thats my life no doubt groovy

-adz 6.57 pm

My days in Langkawi.

One day
seems hours to dwell alone
stepping behind and throw a stone
much grumble and slumped
that's the life I like to bump

on the second day
overwhelmed by the island's magic view
so many things caught me lonely and blue
but then they put me through
hours and hours headed too

the last day
my legs glued to the sand as if it's mine
love to dance and sublime
knowing my day almost divine
glancing back the appreciation unwind

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