Sunday, 19 February 2012


Entah kenapa ya
perasaan cinta yg lama ku tolak tepi... datang lagi
bukan aku benci bukan aku hindari
ianya amat menusuk dan menghiris
pengalaman dan kehidupan mengajarku
erti pengorbanan sebenarnya
erti setia setulusnya
erti memberi pada yg sepatutnya
apakah aku tidak mengerti?
apakah aku tak sudi?
apakah aku masih takuti?
semuanya telah ku cuci
dengan doa dan airmata
dengan harapan berbekalkan sandaran
demi kamu sayangku...
aku pelajari erti ketabahan
kerana kau kasihku
aku melangkah ke hadapan
dek hubungan kita masih berterusan
aku sandarkan harapan
untuk bersama..
untuk bersatu...
untuk kita bertemu
agar ianya bukan mimpi lagi
supaya ianya kenyataan suci
setelah aku kau cumbui dalam mimpi
setelah cintaku kau ambil juga
walau tanpa kau bersedia
walau tanpa ada masa
walau itu yang kau kata
aku masih juga membisu
aku terus terusan menunggu
moga kau lebih berani
untuk berterus terang padaku
apa mahumu atau
selama ini berpura hanya atas nama
pengisian masa lapangmu.....

9.34am 20/2/12

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Leisure Days

still in the midst
sense of drowsing
clutching deeper within thy skin
yet the unwilling steps
further no more
coz you feel the beat
tender thy heart
brighter thy smile
wish the terms come by
thus it hooked on flies
attached on winds
drifted onto the sky
yet the hands stretching
coz you feel the heat
by tranquilize mind
no doubt untwined
whilst abrupt thoughts
dance the day
whiz away
left at least.

12.13pm 19/2/12

Monday, 13 February 2012

Student of citizen

Students are precious diamond
so much to unveil but nor can it be sealed
students are the children
bestowed to us
as parents,guardian ,keepers well seen
better judge before they're green
nothing is being paid
for bringing up kids
nothing enduring yet alluring
little angels of future citizen
so upset to know the humiliation
leading to mortification
must we undergo one after another
must all absorbed what's laid nearer
to worst and dust
no one expect lighter
for life is a factor
with mankind touch
who can denied such a mover
one precious diamond was cut to scatter
yet those who are cutters
surely known diamonds better


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Only You!

In the blink of an eye, only you.
When I breath in the air, it's you
Among the beauty of night, I remember you
Amid the day, still thinking of you
How cud I bear
when you're nowhere
how wud I survive
without your whispering of love alive
let them wonder
why it's over
for your time will glint
as I know it will soon dim
leave me not
oh how shud I block
your vivid glimpse
make me wimp
love is eternity
and mine is reality
Lastly I admit, always love sweety b.

- adz

Sunday, 5 February 2012

My twitter

adziah aziz

'Every additional years to me, sure to bring mature in line . Forget all sadness in glee, and jumps to future divine'-adz


p/s: Read that you must,browse here

p/s: My love for Rasulullah S.A.W is illustrated in this piece of mine-adz

'When it rains
the night of the twelfth,Rabi-al-awwal
Don't know why?
my heart shivers endlessly
deeper the sound
inner my depth of love
Rasulullah S.A.W
a great person a tremendous teacher
he is the one.
Rasulullah S.A.W
let us heat out the remembrance
let us trail the history
he who scattered the quality
he who owned the nobility
he's the one to complete the essence of humanity
Rasulullah S.A.W
brought a light of unity,faith and dignity
cannot we forget
nor will we unride
all that history side
is going to ripe
in these nights along 2012
Mawlid,that's the day we unite
showing one's pride in one saying
Rasulullah S.A.W
Muhammad, prophet of all
and oh yes... assured it's right.'

10.50 am,
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