Monday, 19 December 2011

My Birthday

18th Dec
birthday for sure
heart beating and life starting
me on the run
thats something!
life jumping further
passing times abide all others
body and mind think tighter
ought or nought
impossible will not
only oneself hired
to hide the tears
jot and thought
united in time
do they heard
the cry of sadness
the glory of fullness
high up above
no one might get close
world and self
wud not expose
ever and ever
just close!


Friday, 9 December 2011

No Time No Line

Times rocketing
with a blink of an eye
who cud tell
the magic thats awaits
who cud demolish
the past thats forged
to say I'm sorry
it can stop the heart's merry
it can wound the workout tidy
nothing messy
if nor other lassy
keep on
while the world is kind
while it can sublime
hearts united
make it perfect
seems to ended
but still one shud reject!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Books and Books

  • Reading is great and exciting if it's your passion in doing.
  • Moreover, it will enhance your knowledge bindings
  • to the peak of bouncing your touch & speaking.
  • Books are source of knowledge links
  • to read...understand and be known
  • yet no heart and sure no feelings
  • if we cast aside...abandon or be thrown
  • So love thy and keep 'em dry
  • ever on path let them by.
  • - adz

Friday, 1 July 2011

Midnight recap

My eyes whimpering asleep
hands and legs shoving deep
and notes lullaby the exhausted body
who to keep?
Hush!No more in the sky
everything within the sea
just keep on going within
My hair entangled in waves
eyes that can penetrate human
run and defused
when mind in mild agitations
who cud stop?
No one near
and lets drop
release the sin in your skin
Build another shield and life will heals
sails far towards uproar
be cool and ease your mind ever
blooming life thats near and dear.


Monday, 20 June 2011

Hours in Langkawi.

Oh God! It is a tremendous joy
my heart cries with a whimper coy
water flows beneath reason
oh why I can feel the rythm

water near everybody can see
much much better, it sings a melody
I wonder had lubricant thrown its type
to make us dwell & avoiding mishaps

I love to feel and explore more
alas, time wud not allow for
simply agree without flee
coz thats my life no doubt groovy

-adz 6.57 pm

My days in Langkawi.

One day
seems hours to dwell alone
stepping behind and throw a stone
much grumble and slumped
that's the life I like to bump

on the second day
overwhelmed by the island's magic view
so many things caught me lonely and blue
but then they put me through
hours and hours headed too

the last day
my legs glued to the sand as if it's mine
love to dance and sublime
knowing my day almost divine
glancing back the appreciation unwind


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Moments of romantic feelings

The past had created a path
my first acquaintance was thrown near
thy heart thumped as wise chooser
made me wanted more of him to appear
Alas! No weary and no merry
if he did any sms telling he was busy
for I'm sure he too missed those days, eventually
Dear my treasure
wherever you venture here in future
remember me through the night pleasure
let me wonder onto your dreams, brother
keeping me tight riding the wheeler
with you near, everything is easier
wind of love blasting forever
is life nothing but only a ruiner?
and it sure makes me sigh with hunger
for a greater love that jots all finder.
-adz 01.42pm

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Just A Jot

I used to love memories
strong and lovable
said to wound
photos to burn
imaginary glows
it hurts.

Once I touch the night
it's creepy height enthral
mesmerize upon mind
decline no loner
effect no other
it hurts.

I used to love wonders
cast a spell
magically bound to eternity
useless grasps
beyond hold
imaginary collapse
Lastly it hurts.


Friday, 14 January 2011


I use to dwell
on everything on reach
by no means
somethin' come forth
crunchy heart of mine
soft impulse in line
fresh bud on surface
yet shining image
what's up?
no time to place blame
towards up roar crowd
busy settin' the goal
to better next
to better fame
strike again till end
who knows after life...
what is left is own story
and death put all to no glory
no sunny on contrary
no world to swirl
a dead meat
to those that sweat
have no threat
no more fear and terror
smile will last ever!
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