Friday, 19 November 2010


ianya kalis
bisa juga ditepis
terus ditangkis
kenapa dan mengapa?
harus menangis
hati dipupuk
tajam silam
menghujani tubuh badan
semangat diketuk
gah sembarangan
jiwa lemah
dalam asuhan
doa dan keimanan
benteng penerusan.

-adz 10.53 am

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Something here is something there
whatever it is dear
he made me cry and let it beware
sorry to say dear
man and world still tumbling by
the same dear
no worries no buddies
serve it right dear
compel all but none're coming near
it's done dear
again and again and all clear
no worry dear
one who sits,one who endures
bravo dear
fly away make it a day
right dear

-6.00 pm

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Bedtimes Stories.

I have to read and read,
through features and sign that's heap,
words and words with entangled wonders,
marching and hoping along the numbers.
I met Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall,
with Red Little Muffet who is dancing at the ball.
Then, I saw Tumbelina at the lagoon,
of course near a big frog as her loon.
I look behind Cinderella to find Snow White such thrill.
Feel like painting the handsome Jack and Jill,
and also the smart Robin Hood who rode along with King Arthur.
All in groom with much food in the room.
Look! Alice is here so cute and dear.
Yet, I like to talk to the famous poet and writer.
And love to dwell to one after another,
makes the world shines even brighter
Yes, to all the readers over there and over here.
Do not shudder when each time is nearer.
The lighting candle is burning out,
no more there can replace it, for crying out loud!
Just help me to prolong this memory,
and illustrate them along the journey.

05.48 pm

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Something Is There.

Something there is buggin' me

no stand no stop
can't sleep within' the nights
there is something left and right.
candle and light
lighten the darkside
make it stop
and make it halt
no more pain no detain
coz I'd suffered again and again.
Please be gentle take my breath
do give me the last strength
to look behind
so as to undo all kinds
what were there that was opted to do
but no and yet none
nothing to be done
future is something nobody aware
it hasten to be everywhere
so something is there!

02.20 am

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


There is a time to think
why so much we had to blink
seeing everything all around
making life disrupted to the ground.

Yes and yes
it had a price
so please think twice
as to become more wise.

Mom and kids
a family so dear
live on trust bit by bit
so all are clear
to make them nearer
abide by rules after
not to mention the deeds
enjoy in triump
not so glum
make the world no slum.

11.00pm 2nd Nov'10
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