Thursday, 10 May 2012

Love Me Please,bro

Morning and  it sure to bring thousand of memories. Some are nice,enjoying and some are darn hurting. Today, in the morning,without knowing....and of all mornings... why does it has to be today and just out of nowhere then, hurts came and clouded my mind; yet still can stormly overpouring my soul. Alas, the peaceful Thursday morning came striking strongly with hopes to heal up  my sorrows. Let 'em out to be flushed down anyway.Yet it seems I was beeing demolished by  myself ....
What's up?
It wud not compromise
and leads to danger
reliable to lip attackers
don't stop to consider but just go...

I'm going?
to the life thats promising
to him who really understanding
again towards no wound and pain.
Actually, can it be so overpowering
feelings , they know how to bother
its the pain in the neck
and still generate the sparkling life of   LOVE.
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