Monday, 19 December 2011

My Birthday

18th Dec
birthday for sure
heart beating and life starting
me on the run
thats something!
life jumping further
passing times abide all others
body and mind think tighter
ought or nought
impossible will not
only oneself hired
to hide the tears
jot and thought
united in time
do they heard
the cry of sadness
the glory of fullness
high up above
no one might get close
world and self
wud not expose
ever and ever
just close!


Friday, 9 December 2011

No Time No Line

Times rocketing
with a blink of an eye
who cud tell
the magic thats awaits
who cud demolish
the past thats forged
to say I'm sorry
it can stop the heart's merry
it can wound the workout tidy
nothing messy
if nor other lassy
keep on
while the world is kind
while it can sublime
hearts united
make it perfect
seems to ended
but still one shud reject!

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